I began my work as a doula in 2016, and have spent over 10 years working in a hospital setting during my career. When I am not volunteering as a doula at CCRMC, I am a part of the Working Woman Doula Collective working exclusively with Felicia Roche supporting women and birth in alliance with our team. 


Certified Doula

Doulas of North America (DONA International), #12805


Volunteer Doula

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center



Bay Area Birth Education (BABE) childbirth classes


Unit Coordinator

California Pacific Medical Center




Why being a doula is important to me


It is an honor to comfort, assist, encourage and be with women and their birth partners during such a special, intimate, and compelling moment. 


Building trust with a woman and her birth partner is a delicate balance of experience, observation, and cooperation. I love to assist families in their labor and delivery journey, helping to build their confidence in themselves and provide support and guidance during the birth process.


Often it is the small things that can create a positive birth experience: a foot massage, wiping a mom’s tears, holding her hand, or making her laugh. As a volunteer doula at the Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center (CCRMC), it is my privilege to be able to give back to those in my community who are medically underserved.


To sum it up, I love helping people.